Props - Street - Mailbox closed

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Mailbox prop - UNTEXTURED - simple screen grab

Picket fence - simple screen grab - UNTEXTURED

Simple screen grab of 'Street trash can'

Production Forecast

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To begin the Production process, we've identified a hierarchy of props needed for key scenes and environments in our animation trailer. In this way, we hope to be able to delegate tasks efficiently with a clear list of objectives in mind. This list will most likely be subject to change as we delve into the depths of production.


  • • Baby
  • • Kids
  • • Policemen (with megaphone and gun props)
  • • Policecar


  • • Baby Tube/Pod
  • • Control Panels
  • • Wires, Cables
  • • Alarm
  • • Lights
  • • Clipboard, Pen, Mug
  • • Blackboard
  • • Signs/Posters
  • • Elevator

  • • Houses (2-3 variations)
  • • Lamppost
  • • Telephone Pole
  • • Fences (wooden)
  • • Fire hydrant
  • • Drains
  • • Dustbin
  • • Pavement
  • • Trees
  • • Car
  • • Police Radio

  • • Sandbox
  • • Bucket, spade
  • • Fence

Initial delegation of tasks
Elliot - Street Props
Dan - Laboratory Props
Kin - Kids, Policecar, policemen
Leo - Baby, Previs/Blocktest, Set Dressing

Park Concept

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Concept piece for the park environment where the baby will rise to the surface.


Town Street Concept

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Town Street concept where the baby would begin his reign of terror.

We are aiming to achieve a bright and colourful suburban town to fit with our art direction and comedic value of the chainsaw wielding baby, as well as providing a contrast to the dark laboratory underground.

Some references for the town street concept included American suburban type housing, with a bright and colourful aesthetic similar to that of Edward Scissorhands.

Synopsis Updated

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The Day Of The Chainsaw Wielding Baby From The Centre Of The Earth

A top secret government research facility located in the centre of the Earth, becomes the root of a close guarded secret and its escape to the planets surface. The secret, known as ‘Project 6’, is an entirely synthesised baby bred to be the perfect killing machine. However, Project 6 escapes his incubation pod before fully maturing and makes a break for the surface. Alone and confused, Project 6 unleashes terror upon the unsuspecting citizens of suburban America, using his innate ability to transform his arm into a Chainsaw.

The secret government group attempt to find and return their work by any means necessary. Will Project 6 ever be free and have a real life, or will he be forced back into a cage?

Marketing: Ident Final?

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As of time of posting, the video is still being processed on youtube. It may take some time to become available.

StoryBoard Updated

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The annotated story board, as shown in our Pre-Production pitch. A few changes have been made to the script, and these will be uploaded shortly.

It's Alive!

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Its seems killer babies is not a foreign concept to cinema, with the franchise 'It's Alive' spawning several sequels and a modern remake.

It's Alive (1974) trailer.

'Its Alive!' - Will be all you hear for the next 30 seconds! The tone of the trailer has become completely amusing with the passing of time. Also note the number of times we are shown random clips of people shooting, supposedly at the killer baby.

Its Alive (2008) trailer.

A baby born to a human couple turns out to be a mutant monster with an appetite to kill. This trailer seems much more sinister in terms of tone and with the use of conventional film trailer techniques. Its also interesting to note the baby itself is hardly shown in both trailers in an attempt to keep the suspense and tension high.

As such, our trailer itself could parody and pastiche films such as these with our own Chainsaw wielding baby being the perfect setup for a killer infant on the loose.

Animatic + Pitch

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The animatic for our trailer is live!

As a studio, we had our pitch on Wednesday where we were required to present our proposal for our trailer. We are pleased to say that our pitch was well received in terms of concept and direction. Our animatic also got a few chuckles from our peers, which is always encouraging in that it suggests the trailer is working to an extent, even at this early stage. However, there is still a number of things we need to refine and resolve before we begin production, so onwards with our development.

Title Designs

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Fonts used above:

Some other fonts that is worth a look.

Fonts that capture a chainsaw/cutting effect

Standard Retro font

Baby character concept #3

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An alternative character concept for the baby. A robot killing machine:

Teaser Poster #1

Teenagers concept

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Here is the concept for the teenagers that will attach the chainsaw to the baby:

Script for the trailer.

“Day Of The Chainsaw Wielding Baby From The Centre Of The Earth”
Trailer Script
A KLED Animations Film

Ext. Quiet sub-urban town

Camera gently pans to show the street

Camera pans down to darkness

Pan to:

Int. Dark underground laboratory

(medium shot) Camera still panning down from darkness

Camera slowly begins to show some of the lab with a slight
Zoom and pan

Cut to:

Int. Automatic lab doors (lab)

(Close up) camera shows bottom of security doors sliding

“Did you remember to secure project 6, Johnson?”
“Yes Sir, Dr. Grahams!”

Cut to:

Int. test tube containing project 6 (lab)

(Close up) Bubbling large test tube is shown with baby in foetal
Position, suspended by life supporting/giving tubes.


Bubbles begin to increase in number and intensity

Test tube begins to crack

Cut to black

Sounds of glass smashing are heard

Cut back in

(medium shot) project 9, a baby, is seen crawling towards the
Escape of the laboratory, while water gushes from the broken
Tube, and industrial alarms sound off.

Cut to:

Int. hallway towards exit elevator (lab)

(POV moving shot) the baby crawls towards the elevator,
Passing by all kinds of equipment and doors

Cut to:

Int. end of hallway, elevator room (lab)

(medium shot) the baby is seen sitting in a pod like elevator
Smiling and laughing

Cut to:

Int. elevator room (lab)

(close up shot) the elevator locator is shown going from saying
‘Laboratory’ to ‘Surface’

Fade to black

Fade in

Ext. Swing Park, daytime

(long-zooming-panning shot) The park is established as a safe
And happy place

Cut to:


(close shot) silhouettes of two teens are shown from behind in
The park

Speech “we need to get rid of this thing, the cops are coming!”

Cut to:

Ext. Sandbox (park)

(close up) The sandbox is shown empty and still.


The pod in which Project 6 escaped in, pops up out of the
Sandbox, spitting him out and the popping back underground

Cut to:

Ext. Sandbox (park)

(medium shot – from behind teens)
Teens see the baby, happy and giggling alone in the sandbox

Cut to black

Fade in

Ext. sandbox (park)

(medium shot) baby is seen sitting there, just as before the cut now with a chainsaw, duct taped to his arm.

Zoom to

Ext. sandbox (park)

(close up) baby’s face is seen smiling, seemingly pleased with his new ‘toy’
(camera pans to chainsaw)
Saw revs violently

Cut to:

Ext. beneath tree (park)

(medium shot) a cat is heard meowing on a low branch of a tree

Zoom to:

Ext. beneath tree (park)

(close up) baby’s face is seen smiling, an idea is had

Cut to:

Ext. in front of tree (park)

(medium shot) the tree is shown, shaking and rustling from the movement now in it.
The chainsaw revs and as it does, the cat is heard giving one 'Meow'.
The tree stops shaking and rustling and pauses briefly.
A baby crying is heard.

Cut to:

Int. army barracks (office)

(close up) Military radio is shown ‘cartoonishly’ moving due to
The shouting being heard through it
Speech “How the hell could you let that thing out!? Get it back
And undercover immediately… by any means necessary”

Cut to:

Ext. sub-urban town (street)

(medium shot) a shot of a electricity pole is shown

The baby walks past, chainsaw revving and unknowingly
Cuts through the power (left to right – on and off)

(close up) the camera zooms into the cut power lines

Cut to:

Ext. sub-urban town

(long shot) the entire street is shown, suddenly losing power.

Cut to:

Img. Newspaper headline

Camera zooms in to newspaper headline
“Town destroyed by unknown assailant”

Cut to:

Ext. Army barracks

Tanks and armoured vehicles are shown moving out

Cut to:

Ext. sub-urban town

(medium shot) baby walks along suburb street, ‘decapping’
Fire hydrants, causing floods along the gutters of the street.

Cut to:

Ext. sub-urban town

(zooming out shot) tanks are seen making their way into the
Sub-urban streets, in search for project 6

Cut to black
Baby’s crying and sniffling is heard

Cut back in

Ext. deserted hideout area of baby

(Behind baby’s head) the baby is shown staring down a number
of tanks and other military machinery.
Speech “Project 6, you’re coming with us, drop your weapon or
We WILL open fire”

Cut to:

Ext. deserted hideout area of baby

(Close up) camera zooms into the tip of the chainsaw blade. Pauses.
Saw revs violently for a split second before:

Cuts to black
Chainsaw revs and gunfire are heard simultaneously


The Day Of The Chainsaw Wielding Baby From The Centre Of The Earth

A top secret government research facility, located in the centre of the earth, becomes the root of a close guarded secret and its escape to the planets surface. The secret known as ‘Project 6’ is an entirely synthesised baby. ‘Project 6’ escapes his incubation pod before fully maturing and makes a break for light elevator, enabling him to reach the top of the world. Upon reaching the earth’s surface, the baby has a chainsaw taped to his arm, by two troubled teens in an attempt to conceal evidence. Naturally a baby with a lethal limb begins causing a catalogue of mayhem, all the while, the secret government group attempt to find and return their work by any means necessary. Will the baby have a real life, or will he be forced back into a cage?

Animatic (Work in Progress)

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A refined synopsis, script and storyboard should be on their way to the blog.

Here is the animatic so far. Its still in its early stages - need to receive sound and the rest of the frames to add in.

Essentially, we see a suburban park before panning down to the depths of the earth to reveal the laboratory. The lab malfunctions and the baby is allowed to escape through an elevator the surface of the suburban park.

Concepts for the elevator, which is the baby's means of escape to the surface. Initially, we thought of a old rustic sort of elevator for further atmosphere under the depths of Earth. Yet in light of the overall aesthetic, perhaps the simpler round elevator would work better particularly when rising to the surface in a comedic manner.

References for elevator concept.

Test Intro Video

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Laboratory Concept #02

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Another concept piece developing the laboratory scene further. Again, I'm trying to capture the iconic shot of the baby in a growth tube/pod.

Experimenting with some varying designs of the growth pod. The more rounder shapes tend to take the setting a bit too sci-fi so I stuck with the more traditional cylinder shape.