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Here is the concept for the teenagers that will attach the chainsaw to the baby:


tutorphil said...

... a question; why do these teenagers even have a chainsaw? Personally, I think you set up this amazing conceit with the underground lab etc. and then you have. what feels like a contrivance - teenagers duct-taping a chainsaw to a baby's arm... wouldn't it be more 'logical' if the baby was able to manifest the chainsaw by itself? (you see, you make the baby a passive recipient of a plot device otherwise). Maybe I've missed something in your development, but why is the baby being created in the first place; is it a military operation, for instance? An experiment in breeding super soldiers who can, I don't know, self-generate weaponry from their bodies; there would be nothing more terrifying than all that weaponry in the hands of life-form not yet able to monitor his own tantrums - an innocent who is also a lethal weapon. This is what I don't get; why both going to all that trouble to set up the sci-fi hokum of an underground lab growing a baby, when the baby only becomes a threat after two inessential characters tape a chainsaw to it? Shouldn't the chainsaw/threat derive from the character itself? Otherwise, why bother with all the sci-fi hokum?

Elly said...

changes will be uploaded...don't worry

Leo said...

The idea of the kids giving the baby a chainsaw came up during our meeting with Matt. Despite initial instincts, the idea seemed to hook on at the time.

But I agree and think it needs changing. It keeps coming up where it already seems to make implicit sense that the baby already has the chainsaw and that upon coming to the surface, he scares the children away as part of his reign of terror. Hopefully, I can make those changes for tomorrow.

tutorphil said...

I guess the teenagers/chainsaw thing introduces somekind of anarchic humour - it's a bit frathouse - but for me, it really sits outside of the genre; there's an entire sci-fi/horror subgenre regarding mad scientists etc. creating ill-advised superbeings - warrior races/military weapons - that, invariably in the logic set down my Shelley's Frankenstein - go awol and bring chaos - usually with an idea of audiences feeling rather sorry for the creation; consider the human/cyborg trope in crappy Terminator Salvation; think about it - have you considered that your baby is a cybernetic creation that, T1000-stylee, can morph/manifest machinery when it feels threatened; in this sense 'Chainsaw' might simply refer to automated-blades that pop up 'Species-like' from his limbs. Like I said in the previous post - why bother with all the wonderful sci-fi motifs if the baby has no special powers?

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