Baby character concepts #1

Posted by Kin Chan Sunday, October 10, 2010 Labels: , , ,

Character concepts for the chainsaw wielding baby. The metallic codpiece is a device which would be attached to an artificial umbilical cord when he is in the underground lab. The ".06" and "6" marks would be his project number i.e. Project .06. I personally prefer the one on the right if we are to follow the 'Edward Scissorhands' feel to the trailer. Also, the greyish complexion gives it an unnatural and gloomy aesthetic.

[thumbnails soon - no scanner]


tutorphil said...

Hey Kin - somehow, the idea of the chainsaw wielding baby really suits your sensibility - a perfect fit?

Elly said...

very nice work kin, i assume a lot of staring at chainsaws helped?
just the sort of stylized look we were after. the number 6 looks like hair too, was that intentional?

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