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Posted by Leo Tsang Sunday, October 10, 2010 Labels:

Hey guys shall we meet tomorrow Monday 11am or on the following Tuesday 1pm during break? It depends on how everyone is doing, know where their going or if there are any problems brooding. If we're set on our tasks then we can have the extra day working to the fullest. Otherwise, we will need a meeting tomorrow to resolve things as soon as possible.

As a summary I believe the tasks issued during last meeting were:

Elliot - Storyboard, script
Kin - Concept Art
Leo - Concept Art
Dan - Business cards, studio blog pages, logo ident, promotion

With the storyboard and concepts in place, we can start refining these for the previs to be ready for the pitch the following week. Where the initial marketing and promotion plans should be taken care of and ready for further development, so we can focus our efforts on the pitch.

Let me know your thoughts.


Kin said...

I'm good to meet on the Tuesday.

I've done a baby concept and will probably do something else for Tuesday too.

D Bright said...

Tuesday sounds fine to me :D

Elly said...

hey guys, sorry for the delay regarding the storyboard, i'll have that and the new script up tonight. then for the meeting on tuesday, will have the bulk of the colour/revised storyboard too.

hope all is well work wise with everyone else?

Leo said...

Ok we'll meet on Tuesday at 1pm. Its going alright, working on some more concepts atm :)

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