Marketing: Business Card Designs, Revised.

Posted by D Bright Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Labels: ,

Then I went onto Inverting the Card (Black to White etc..)

I'm pretty sure the first group are the better option.

What does everyone else think?
Thanks, Dan.


Kin said...

I prefer the dark one.

Try adding the crescent to the back design

D Bright said...

Will Do ;)

Elly said...

in regards to the faded works better on the light one. perhaps in print, the difference will be clearer as well?

D Bright said...

I'll try and print one of each at uni today, then we shall see how it goes. ;)

Leo said...

The text seems too faded on the lighter one, keep it nice and clear. Perhaps try tweaking the letter spacing to see if it makes for a better effect.

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