Final Trailer Synopsis and Rough StoryBoard

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1. Camera pans down from blackness, to reveal an underground research facility
2. Speech is heard as lab workers leave and safety doors close
'' Did you remember to shutdown project 6?''
'' Sure did Doctor''
3. Camera pans from the door, to a bubbling glowing test tube. pauses. and cracks begin to appear
4. after cutting from black, the gushing test tube is shown smashed while a baby with one arm stumbles up the exit corridor.
5. The baby makes its way to an industrial exit lift and sits inside.
6. the lift then elevates, with the camera zooming in on the destination ''SURFACE''
7. The camera pans up from blackness to reveal a quiet sub-urban town, birds singing etc.
8. The camera cuts to black and child speech is heard
'' eww gross, it's missing an arm''
'' who's is it?''
'' I don't know, but maybe we should give him a new arm''
9. The kids are shown from behind, whilst clicks and clanks are heard with baby laughter. The kids say in unison ''Coooool!''
10. The baby is seemingly impressed with its new chainsaw limb.
11. The camera zooms into the blade and pauses. The blade then violently revs, scaring the children off.
12. The baby is seen laughing impressed with his new 'toy'
13. The scene changes, showing the baby walking down the street, de-capping all the streets fire hydrants causing them to burst out water into the air
14. Flicking back and fourth, an army radio is animated showing speech
''project 6 must be found and kept any means necessary''
15. The baby is shown extremely excited by a cat he sees grooming itself about 10 feet away.
16. only with the camera on the baby, you see him attempt to stroke the cat, only to have his saw maul the feline, causing blood to splatter back on his face.
17. Tanks and armoured vehicles are shown on a pathway to somewhere.
18. Project 6 walks past a power line, and unknowingly saws through it
INSERT 19. a sub-urban street is shown going into darkness after the power cut.
20. Tanks, choppers an armoured vehicles are seen heavily flooding into this town.
21. the screen cuts to black, pauses, then baby's crying can be heard.
22. The screen cuts back in from behind the baby's head, showing him facing an onslaught of military firepower.
23. The camera zooms into the blade, pauses, then its revs violently for a split second before the screen cuts to black again with the sound of chainsaw revving and gunfire being heard.
Does the baby survive?
what does he want?
is he going to hurt us or help us?
these are the questions viewers will be asking themselves after seeing this trailer but before seeing this film.


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