Rhythm Town

Posted by Elly Monday, October 11, 2010 Labels: , ,

More of a post to my group, but some useful information for those following our progress also.

Rhythm Town are a local music recording studio, and have kindly offered us their services to record us our own unique musical sound score for this trailer.
Now after showing them my storyboard, the guys there knew exactly the kind of thing we had in mind, very cheesey 50's big brass type stuff.

Now without going into every detail, they will also be allowing us access to their vast sound sample library for when it comes time for us to add our sfx into the score. so hopefully this could be a big advantage in terms of audio for us.

They also have begun work so i'm now told, so there will be plenty of time for us to review and ask for ''reasonable'' adjustments.

I'll fill you guys in fully on Tuesday, but it sounds and looks very promising, they are a very professional bunch, who also have worked with local theatrical actors, who could possibly lend a hand for a voice over. That however is not a given, so let's still seek out other ways of going about that just in that case.


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