Trailer Script 1 (maximum available detail)

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Beginning notes :
Sound effects will be left out of unnecessary scenes in this script and added later.
Scene/clip times are an estimate and subject to change.
All animations will begin with 'Kled Animations' animated logo piece.
Not all camera shots will be mentioned, as these are also subject to change.

1. A bright daylight shot of the ''upper planet'' Earth is shown - 5sec

2. This is then slowly (but increasingly faster to suggest a large covered distance) panned down to the centre of the earth, showing the desolate environment - 5sec

3. a pan around the centre of the earth shows it's uninhabitable environment, only to very suddenly spin and have the camera fix on a small shack/hut. - 7sec

4. With the use of a flash, the camera is in the hut, then panning around (this whole time, the pan is almost as though you are looking through someones eyes) to see odd creations, tools and other such tidbits you would find in a laboratory - 12sec

5. Again using a flash, the POV camera is facing a workbench/labdesk, with parts of a toy baby, and other metal gizmos, including a chainsaw blade - 5sec

6. Now showing a different timeline, a one instance clip of the ''bionic/chainsaw babys'' murder of a human (the entire baby is not shown) - 5sec

NOTE: until specified the next few scenes/clips are flashing back and forth between the progression of the machine being made, and a montage of it killing - 40sec

7. The final clip of each timeline, shows the fully revealed murderous baby, in each its final creation and its final shown act of murder (these are revealing clips, atmospheric and drawn out) - 18sec

8. With the music switching from eerie to dramatic, suggestive animation, shows the towns police and people becoming alerted of the evil robots killing. - 15sec

9. the trailer draws to a close with the babies laughter and chainsaw revs while fading to black

NOTE: the 50's voice over, will be talking throughout, narrating the purpose of the baby and why he came from the centre of the earth etc. his exact dialogue is yet to be decided.


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