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Elly said...

I like them dan, definitely have both containing both fax + tel. number however.

My limited experience with business cards leans me towards the top in terms of profesionalism but the lower in terms of eye catching and relevant to our studio.

Leo said...

Hey Dan, these are cool but there are some issues.

Be sure to have the logo in its true colours and not faded in the second design as it loses focus and becomes too obscure. Also consider the back of the business card and its design. Think the cards should be named individually per member with our full name along with our respective title. Stick with a clear readable font for the text like in the 2nd design, and I believe the website address should be our blog at

We need to get some details sorted in terms of phone numbers and a studio email address, we'll go over this in the next meeting. Try to be in for tomorrow for quick chat.

D Bright said...

Thanks for the input guys,

@Elly - I agree to what you say with professionalism (<Spelling?) As that is kind of what we are after, so maybe thats the way forward?

@Leo - Regarding the logo, I haven't managed to get a full psd / png of the logo from you since you made it (most probably due to me calling in sick yesterday) The Logo I had was the one from the top of the blog, which for some strange reason had a white background, I had to try and blend it in. But yes, a true color logo would be best.

I did have a go at writing out each individual business card, but I couldn't think up or remember back to what we made the roles out to be.

I'll be there today for the chat ;)

See you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

Cool!These are simply looks awesome..PSD to WordPress

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