Chainsaw Baby #3

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Made some changes to the head after some feedback - mainly tweaked the cheeks, jaw and eyes. I've also laid out the UVs and should have the rig in place soon enough.

Chainsaw Baby #2

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Finished modelling our main character baby. The head has proven tricky as I've had some difficulty in ironing out some of the creases, though I think I've got it to an acceptable state. I believe the number '6' tattoo and eyebrows can also be done with textures. Once I've laid out the UVs, I'll move on to add the chainsaw model to the baby.

Front, Side and Back.

Original Orthographic

Oh, teeth or no teeth? Or perhaps just one...

Feedback is most welcome.


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Hey guys, hope your enjoying the holidays so far. Think it be good if everyone can post/leave a comment where there at and what they are working on next, so we can keep on top of things. Hopefully, we will be texturing this week.

As for me, I'm almost done with the baby model just working on the ear and overall head shape. Its been a bit tricky and well I'll post it up a bit later.

Props - Park - Jungle Gym

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Screen grabs of a 1920's jungle gym, often made of hard wood and steel bars.

Screen grabs from the radio scene. The desk and radio themselves are based on actual 1950's items. The desk itself (known as a Smith Cabinet) is a very simple design, made ergonomically to hold weight and be spacious - you would often find these in police stations.

The radio, being the hardest thing to reference, is based on a stationary receiving radio, often used in police stations and army barracks. A lot of the detail, again is basic, as I feel the texture is crucial to give it the right look, and didn't want to add components that don't exist on the actual reference I used.

Screen grabs of the plaque used in the intro of the animation. Based and referenced on park and school plaques made of hard wood and metal.

This plaque carries the name of former president Theodore Roosevelt, the park being named after him - Giving a clue of the towns 'hidden' location.

Lab Props: Update - Test Tube

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Comments are appreciated, Let us know what else can / should be added or edited.

Thanks - Dan

Meeting Tuesday 14/12/10

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Hey guys, we have another meeting for tomorrow at 1pm after the morning lecture (10.30am). Our sound guy should be in for the meeting this time, where we will also be discussing our works over the holidays - so make sure your in!

Police Character

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This is the character model for the police officer. Multiple officers are used in the final scene so we must create variations of the model. Instead of manipulating the body of the character, I was thinking of just changing the moustache's shape and colour.

Would this create the comical effect I intend or would it just look like a cheap shortcut?

Police Car

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Here is the model of the police car featured in the trailer. The mesh is based on the red car that was modelled previously but with additional parts.

Chainsaw Baby

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Started modelling our Chainsaw wielding baby using the orthographic above made by Kin. The nature of our characters exist in a very stylised world, consequently, he may look a little on the wide side at the moment, but I'm sure that once the head is in place the proportions will start to fit more naturally. The chainsaws will be modelled once the 'human' model of the body is in place.

Front, Side and Back.

Its still a work in progress, but is hopefully headed in the right direction.

Meeting Tuesday 7/12/10

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Hey guys, just letting you know we're having a meeting tomorrow after the morning lecture which starts at 10:30am. Its important that everyone attends for a major update. Our sound guy is also meeting us tomorrow, so its integral to have everyone's input.

In the mean time, please keep the blog up to date with our respective works.


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Ok, finally got the previs together. Again, the sound is not final so forgive any inconsistencies.

Previs - Opening

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The opening of our previs so far. With the initial building blocks of the previs taking shape, we can simply begin to replace the objects and model to the camera. The sound may not match up perfectly as of yet, which will be rectified further down the line.

The rest of the previs is soon to come.

Props - Street - House2 (TheMunsters)

Posted by Elly Monday, November 15, 2010 4 comments

Go to my personal blog for more detail :)