Revisied Logo #2

Posted by Leo Tsang Friday, October 1, 2010 Labels: , ,

Hey guys, I've made a few adjustments to the logo after hearing feedback from Alan. I know we want to have gotten this done a lot sooner, but check it out and hopefully we will have it done soon.

Basically, I've tried to create a funky character to the design to make our logo feel more fun and creative. Its an astronaut character sort of walking the crescent shape sun/moon. Also, there are now three tones separate tones to distinguish the individual layers of the logo: Black, Red and a Darker Red.

For me, I feel the two designs on the left work better, where the wording of 'Animations' and 'Studios' seem to work equally well, so its now a matter of preference.

Eager to hear your thoughts and feedback guys, so we can sort this out asap.

Edit: I've just noticed a little bump on the crescent (due to image compression), but not to worry this will be fixed for the final design.


D Bright said...


I'm liking the two on the left aswell, I'm starting to wonder, as a side project if we should animate this 'space man' and make him our 'character' just like Alan has done for the UCA Animation course?

I think we have found the ONE!

Elly said...

case closed! love 'em all, pick one and wrap this bad boy up :D

ps. have written 1 script, when i've written all 3/4 I'll let you guys know

Leo said...

Shall we go for 'KLED Animations' then? Seeing as there are many groups with 'studios', it could be nice to mix things up.

Elly said...

i like it Leo. It's taken a long time, but in my humble opinion, we've worked towards something thats just right for our group.
Kudos to the logo guys

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