Synopsis Idea #3

Posted by Kin Chan Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Labels: ,

In the distant future man moves deeper into earth in search of minerals and alternative sources of fuel. The working class population slowly migrate closer to the centre of earth mining for the world above.

As each generation passes, the once human workers below the surface slowly mutate from the extreme climate, evolving into ever more volatile lifeforms. The population on the surface of the earth feel increasingly threatened by them and seal the pathway between the two worlds, dismissing them as humans.

To feed themselves they develop the ability to consume magma which is rich in minerals. The lack of nutrition in the underworld halts the natural growth of the humans, leaving them forever in a physical and mental state of infantality.

These magma creatures become antagonized and breach the surface, wielding weapons of their working class ancestry. This is the day of the chainsaw wielding babies from the centre of earth!


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