Logo ideas 3 / Final logo

Posted by Kin Chan Monday, September 27, 2010 Labels:

A couple more ideas for our team logo. Each honeycomb segment on the logo represents a team member and is metaphorical symbol for our work ethic. Like the honeybee we collectively work towards a greater goal in an efficient and intuitive manner, creating a delicious nectar of goodness.
Here is the final logo, with changes to the colour and spacing between the segments.


Leo said...

Hey Kin, make sure you get the same red used in the previous logo designs, as this image looks a little faded for whatever reason.

Alan Postings said...

It seems like you logo has swung from product towards medical. Although I agree with the 'Honeycombe' idea i'm not sure this logo carries an animation/ film brand.

Get a stranger to explain their first impressions of the logo - ie, what do you think this company makes?

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