The Simpsons: Kings Of Satirical Parody

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The Simpson's is easily the most successful cartoon of all time, and arguably the most successful TV show in general. the longevity of the show, its net worth and ever increasing mainstream exposure, would tell even the least informed TV watcher, this show is extremely big.

As mentioned in yesterdays lecture, The Simpson's is a poster child for Post Modern animation. It is renowned for it's clever parodying of old and new TV/movies as well being topically humorous.
The reason I have brought this up, is because if you look at some of the subtle, and some not so subtle parodies that The Simpson's features, you will actually realize (depending on the amount TV/Film history you know) that 80% of the show is parody of other media.

How can one show be so successful by borrowing from so many others and having so few ideas of its own? simple: The script is solid, the parodies are useful, meaningful to the plot, timed and executed perfectly and the characters in The Simpson's are likable and easily empathized with.

Look at these parodies (10 points if you get them without looking at the title), although out of context of the show, they are still extremely funny, and can be stood alone and still work!

Now, as mentioned, these are less effective as comedy parody when taken out of context with the rest of an episode, however, you can still see the attempt to make each piece humorous.

Feature length movies that are entire parodies (such as Meet The Spartans, Scary Movie etc.) are often known as spoofs. Although there was a niche for this type of film around 8 to 10 years ago, the overuse and over-saturation on the market of these types of film have led to those themselves becoming low quality cliché's. You know without second thought that when you're going to see one of these films, you're going to see utter shit 90% of the time.

despite this, The Simpson's, a show that for 20 years has relied on parody profusely is still extremely successful not only among viewers but critics alike. There is a correct way to use parody, and the Simpson's do just that.


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