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Posted by Leo Tsang Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Labels: , ,

Our first task on the agenda is to establish our brand identity with our Studio name and logo. So far, our initial studio name is LEDK Collaborations - formed by the initials of each our first names. As such, we've initially begun to design our studio logo around this name in mind.

I've gathered each of our logo designs into this post to help us finalise our design as a whole.




I tried the design using "delk" instead as it can be read as a single syllable.


I'm leaning more to the use of 'Studios' rather than 'Collaborations' as the later is perhaps a little too long. Using our initials as 'Delk' is also something to consider as it can read as one word, rather than stating 'L-E-D-K Studios'. Although, I just punched 'Delk Studios' into google which came up with this site known as 'Delk Design studios' which could pose a problem. As for the design, I think simple is best as we'll be using these across our images so they shouldn't be too intruding.

Its important that everyone is happy with our brand name and logo as we'll be using it for quite some time as our banner to unite under.

Public are welcome to add their thoughts and comments to this post!


Alan Postings said...

I like your designs - Fresh and fruity in some cases. However they may be tending towards 'product' rather than animation. Don't forget your an animation / film studio.

Think 'Bad Robot'.

Leo said...

Thanks Alan, we will take this into consideration!

Elly said...

an icon in our final logo could be an idea perhaps? something along the lines of a small cartoonish pencil or a mesh sphere next to it etc. this is only an idea, but something like this could gear the logo more towards a studio than a product.

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