Synopsis Idea #1

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A Mad Scientist, whose laboratory is located in the Earths core (the centre of the Earth), gets to work on his latest elaborate creation: A Bionic Baby.

'The Baby', given the gift of life, much like any baby, is naturally inquisitive, and through its curiosity manages to find its way to the surface of the Earth.

A tale of loneliness and acceptance, 'The Baby' tries to fit in and be like those it encounters, but being bionic (and having a lethal chainsaw for an arm) makes it extremely difficult, as he harms all he tires to befriend.

The baby unaware of his wrongdoing, is hunted and lynched, seen as a machine, not a life, it is destroyed.

Now before delving into the semantics or significs of this plot, it is clear to see it draws a lot from other classic movies. Frankenstein in particular, with the whole mad scientist creating an abomination. The Terminator 2 and Edward Scissor Hands have both been referenced too (the idea of something designed for one purpose trying to break free of that mold, fit in with others, but ultimately being unsuccessful).
Now although some could argue this sounds quite soft, they haven't seen the horror side of it, as that is a mostly visual impact. after all Frankenstein was a horror that had a sad story running through, so it definitely can work.


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