First Meeting

Posted by Elly Monday, September 27, 2010 Labels:

So we had our first group meeting today. All four group members showed, which was extremely helpful, and we all had some decent input, managing to cover a lot of ground.

Topics we covered included:

Our final logo choice: Kin dropped a bombshell, bringing 4 new brilliant designs to us, which we decided to use as our final piece. The final choice will be uploaded by kin as and when, and we will be using this as watermarks and headers on all our up coming works.

Research: We spoke of the research myself and Leo put on the blog, and out of this we began spit balling story ideas. More research will follow as and when we have our finalised synopsis. The concept artists will be researching researching relevant work to them etc.

Storyline/Script: We all had an input on this, and gave ourselves some perimeters to work within. These will be revealed in time, but we all agreed that we would each come up with a synopsis and post it this evening (fingers crossed).

Full attendance, good input, nice work guys.


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