Babies/Children in Horror/SciFi

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Now would be the best time to say, that I'm pretty much taking the bull by the horns in terms of research, so that's why there's a lot coming your way at the moment.

Anyway, We're all familiar with some sort of eerie baby or child used in a horror film, It's quite a cliche' itself in today's cinema.

'The Omen', 'The Children Of The Corn', 'The Village Of The Damned' and more recently films such as 'The Ring' and 'The Orphan' are all examples of films where children are murderous and evil.

The reason these films are so eerie, takes us back to what we learned last year when talking about the uncanny. Children (or in the case of our movie: Babies) are commonly seen as innocent and unaware of their wrongdoings, this is why when you completely reverse that, and take away the child's innocence as well as allowing it to know fully what it is doing, it becomes scarier than an adult doing the same things. almost as if the child is possessed (which in 99% of child killer movies they are).

The 'Bouncer Baby' in Toy Story 3, is along the lines of exactly what I would like to see in this animation. Not the model or even the way baby acts, It'd be a success if our baby, evoked the same reaction this one did, of fear and wanting to escape every time it was on the screen.

Our baby has to be all these things to be a successful character. I would go into more detail, but until we know what this baby is doing, and for what reasons it's going to be hard to draw inspiration from elsewhere (or necessary inspiration for that matter)

Just for the hell of it, here again, are The Simpson's parodying The Village Of The Damned. Perhaps this is the kind of thing we could go for? comedy/parody/horror?


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