Movie Cliche' and parody

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To create a successful story (or in this case trailer) that runs by the brief, we need to understand the thin lines between humorous & stupid, love & hate and credibility & the unbelievable.

Cliche' and parody, used to be two separate entities in film, but along the years have become extremely similar in the sense that parody is almost done to death (we actually have entire motion pictures that are one 90 minute parody of another film) has made it a poor cliche'.

We are all familiar with real life instances of Cliche', for example; A man has a falling out with his other half, and in an attempt to reconcile, he buys her chocolates and flowers. it's a cliche'!
in film however, you have all these real life cliche's that can be scripted, as well as other dialogues, actions, problems and resolutions.

In this short countdown (which i HIGHLY recommend anyone who is struggling with movie cliche's to watch) celebrity movie/game critic James Rolfe, talks about, in his opinion, the top 10 cliche's used in movies. although this isn't a definitive guide, as there are literally thousands, this will definitely make you start realising the used and overused conventions in movie.

In retrospect, it is because of parody that a lot of movie cliche' is in fact a cliche'. Think of it like this, a good example of a movie cliche' would be, in slasher movies, the innocent girl survives and the drug abusing ''sexahoilc'' teens are the first to get wasted.

now think of the first (or arguably the first) slasher: Halloween. There was no formula or idea of this now convention to borrow from. However, it worked and Halloween was extremely successful.

Perhaps due to this success, perhaps for some other reason, other slasher movies not only used the idea of the impervious killer, but that same cliche' i mentioned before. it wasn't a cliche' when used in Halloween, but now it is? surely that can only mean that cliche's are made from overuse of a good/bad thing?


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