Girl in the park

Posted by Kin Chan Sunday, January 2, 2011 Labels: , , ,

Here is another character featured in the animation. When the baby arrives on the earth surface we initially decided to have two teenage boys appear but, after some consideration by our team, we agreed it would be more effective to feature a young girl.


I was going for the cutesy girly look. The teddy bear prop will be dropped after the girl is frightened.

Coloured outfits:

I found the blue and orange colours to be the most effective, but this is subject to change. Opinions on colour scheme?

Renders with bear:

I rigged the arms so the girl can be positioned to hold the bear. The top image features the bear with no fur texture, with a solid block texture similar to the girl herself. The bottom image includes the fur texture. I think the fur texture is visually pleasing but may not blend well with the simplistic aesthetic of the animation. It is also a bastard to render.

@all - All suggestions+opinions are welcome!

@team - I'm going to start setting up the scenes starting with the ones featuring the police cars. Please have any necessary props ready on dropbox.


Elly said...

have just sent you a text kin

Jordan Buckner said...

These look great guys, love the style of these characters

tutorphil said...

i think you're right about the fur texture, Kin - it doesn't suit the overall feel - there's something nicely fisher-price and 'hard surface' about everything else in your world. I like the colour scheme too.

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