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Posted by Elly Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Labels: ,

Myself, Kin and Leo had a meeting this afternoon via Windows Live Messenger, and I felt it was surprisingly productive, all things considered.

We delegated roles amongst each other, and gave ourselves a time frame to work within. A few glitches in a project such as this are normal, and I think we've done pretty well to cope so far. If we all pitch in and do what was asked of each other today, I don't see
any reason why we won't be satisfied with our cartoon when all is done and dusted.

Just to let folks know who haven't seen me posting on here much, I have been working, texturing my models. As this is not my strongest point yet had to be done none the less, It has taken me longer than expected. Anyway, without letting too many cats out of the bag so to speak, here is a render of one textured model, just to let all know that I'm still alive kicking - The Sandbox


D Bright said...

Any Chance one of you guys could brief me on what was spoke about in the meeting?

Sorry I was working yesterday, I did mention that to Kin. Not sure if he passed the message on to you guys or not.


D Bright said...

Okay, so it's been 24 hours since I commented asking for some kind of input from you guys.

Are you pushing me out again? or do we just lack communication?

Sorry guys.
Thanks again

Leo said...

Hey Dan,

If you check the dropbox folder, you should find the scene files and a document SceneList.doc. The document prescribes the scene/shot needed, the corresponding file to use, as well as which camera to use with the correct frame span. I'll also post it on the group blog in a bit.

Essentially, we have each chosen some scenes to focus on, refining the texturing, lighting and animation before rendering. Elliot is focusing on the street/park, Kin is focusing on the police chase, and I'm focusing the lab. If one is having trouble on a particular shot, one should be able to move on to another shot in the scene while waiting for help so as to not halt the production process.

Hope that's cleared things up for you, send me a text and we can discuss things in more detail. In the mean time, your props should be uploaded to dropbox and fully textured ready to import into the scene. Also, upload the video file of the ident onto dropbox as well.

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