Baby Shader - Mental ray material

Posted by Elly Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Labels: , , ,

This shader was made using a sub surface scattering network, to allow light to pass through thinner parts of the model more easily, this giving a more realistic skin tone.

This shader still needs tweaking and Leo's texture added into the network, but these 2 at the moment are different. the side view shows a more plastic looking skin, where as the perspective shot shows less specualrity and more realistic. Which one works better for this 'robotic' model?

It still needs tweaking, but it's getting the look we're after I think


Richard V-C said...

Sorry to say it but i think it looked better before when it was less plastic looking.

Elly said...

It's only a base shader at the moment, it still needs textures plugged into the individual scatter layers, along with tweaked specular settings - result: less plastic looking ;)

Tom Beg said...

Also, you seem to have some sampling issues? Notice the grainy stuff. You need to increase your samples I think.

Elly said...

Nice one Tom, knew there was a reason for the LQ render, but couldn't figure out quite what it was.

JOLANTA said...

I think its stunning, dont change anything :D This shader playes really well along with the model I think .

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