Chainsaw Baby #4

Posted by Leo Tsang Friday, January 7, 2011 Labels: ,

The baby is fully rigged and skinned, complete with controls. He actually has three forms with a a normal form, a single chainsaw form, to a finale of a double chainsaw form.

Normal form

Single Chainsaw

Double Chainsaw

Chainsaw Model

The chainsaw animation is made similarly to the process of tank traps by using a nurbs circle as a path for the teeth to follow. Initially, I tried using a wire deformer which did not want to work for some reason, but eventually found the solution with the use of a mel script. Here I made made a quick experiment speeding up and slowing down the chainsaw animation. When it comes to animating the chainsaw fully, I'm hoping we can add some vibration to the chainsaw and perhaps motion blur when compositing.

I've also added the mouth interior to the baby, with some teeth and tongue. UVs are also laid out ready for texturing.


Ruben Martins said...

he looks so cute.... ahhhh my arm !! who told me to hug him :)

keep up Leo, it is looking great!

Jordan Buckner said...

Great stuff Leo, looking forward to seeing this animated :)

Leo said...

Thanks guys :D

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