Day of the Chainsaw Wielding Baby

Posted by Leo Tsang Friday, January 21, 2011 Labels:

Its finally finished! KLED Animations is proud to present Day of the Chainsaw Wielding Baby.

‘Project 6’ – an experiment to create the perfect killing machine, goes astray when their latest subject escapes from a secret laboratory located in the depths of the Earth.

Alone and confused, Project 6 is out of control! Who can stop this ‘baby’ now?

Be sure to spot the Easter eggs for Gremlin Box Productions, B3D Studios and Creature Studios for their respective animations. Apologies to the Void Canvas Studio, Inspire Studios and Lucid Studios that we couldn't fit you in!


Ruben Martins said...

this was amazing guys!! good work, i have also enjoyed the easter egg on it Venture 1 Spacestation!!!

AFlockOfPixels said...

Great trailer guys! I'm so disappointed I missed this one at the crit :( oh well

Leo said...

Thanks guys, I really liked your trailer too - the animation in particular was great :)

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