Police Character

Posted by Kin Chan Monday, December 13, 2010 Labels: ,

This is the character model for the police officer. Multiple officers are used in the final scene so we must create variations of the model. Instead of manipulating the body of the character, I was thinking of just changing the moustache's shape and colour.

Would this create the comical effect I intend or would it just look like a cheap shortcut?


Elly said...

Nice work kin, Looks better than when we last saw this chap.
Try and smooth that 'seem' between the neck and head.
If you're having trouble, bring it in Tomorrow and we'll take a look.
I think it's just a case of deleting the history, combining the 2 meshes and merging opposing vertices.

Leo said...

Good job Kin, the edits you've made work well. I still think we will need some variations for the other police officers, just something small enough to add variation to their silhouettes. There's should only be two police officers that we predominately see, so we could get away with minor alterations for the background officers.

Kin said...

Ok cool. The maya files are up on dropbox now, so have a fiddle if you want.

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