Chainsaw Baby #2

Posted by Leo Tsang Thursday, December 23, 2010 Labels: ,

Finished modelling our main character baby. The head has proven tricky as I've had some difficulty in ironing out some of the creases, though I think I've got it to an acceptable state. I believe the number '6' tattoo and eyebrows can also be done with textures. Once I've laid out the UVs, I'll move on to add the chainsaw model to the baby.

Front, Side and Back.

Original Orthographic

Oh, teeth or no teeth? Or perhaps just one...

Feedback is most welcome.


Sketch said...

Needs pudgier cheecks! More like the concept art! Looks cool though! :)

Elly said...

Nice job Leo... Try soft selecting some of the vertices on the cheek to achieve that 'pudgie' look.

sidenote, have begun texturing my models... going well so far (touch wood) will upload asap (do not have a memory stick to transfer to this laptop at the mo)

Leo said...

Cheers guys, made some changes so check it out.

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